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#LEC Finals Teams: Highlight Montage | Community Collaboration

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Check out some of the best plays of the final three #LEC teams competing in Rotterdam: G2 Esports, Origen & Fnatic!

A community collaboration with:

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SourBogBubble says:

If FNC win LEC was scripted

valmarato says:

It's really amazing how EU production nukes NA production

Luuk van Krugten says:

Cant wait for sunday 🙂

117Abigor says:

Lo de Kaylee es vergonzoso la verdad.

Jurica Sambol says:

too edited cant even see whats going on

Olaleke Rotimi says:

Please someone. i need the title of the song

Sneaky Levroom says:

Rekkles penta is missing

Kahhow Kon says:

That moment when OG is second place and fnc is third, yet we see more of fnc in this montage than OG lol

Måns Dahlström says:

Where was the nudeduke vs caps zed outplay? And the Wunder Ryze ult flank, i demand them!

Obosi says:

What a sweet video. Editing is ON POINT!

rossotinga1 says:

Better than NA playoffs

lilili lululu says:

this is some MCU level of editing

lilili lululu says:

wtf kayle broke the game

Get Shrekt says:

when it's mostly FNC..hmmm

Mister Icks says:

insane music and edit, well done!

AirwaveMusicTV says:

What an epic highlight video. Well done! 👏

HerrZog says:

Really liked the montage, especially the smooth transition from the cinematic view during the setup of the play to the actual in game scene with the hp bars fading in. Small detail but probably easier to do it with some kind of normal cut so this imo shows that the editor really went all the way with it.

Jake Williams says:

I have to change my pants now

Devres says:

Bwipo is so epic

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