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#LEC Spring Finals: G2 Esports vs Origen | Rotterdam Tease

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#ItStartsHere: a new legacy is ready to emerge in the #LEC as we prepare to crown the winner of the first ever LEC Spring Split.

When all odds and predictions were against them, Origen did not falter, defeating Fnatic 3-1 in the Saturday semifinals. Now they move on to face the final boss, G2 esports, in a showdown that will decide the winner of the Spring split and Europe’s representative at MSI this year. Dominating the entire split, G2 look unstopabble, and they’ve already 3-0’ed Origen in their previous playoffs match. Coming in as underdogs on Saturday, Origen managed to crush Fnatic, surprising analysts and fans while gaining a huge mental momentum. Who will take home the trophy and represent Europe at MSI? Whatever you do, don’t miss the European finals this Sunday at 16:30 CEST!


Aniq Tarafder says:

I swear this is longer than the finals

Grejtos says:

Caps savage ! <3

Samo says:

G2 VS FNC would of been more hype. If only Fnatic didnt int the draft with taric sona

Elder Yaag says:

Love the LEC top teams! Hope the games will be good! 😀

OlivierFRscooter says:

Cmon OG there has to be someone better than g2

Valentin Martinez says:

this format is really trash, its so anti-climactic that they already played against each other

Evangelos Alexiou says:

I don't know… the hype is half dead since G2 rekt OG in their previous series, so there is not excitement. We'll wait and see if they can give us a 5 game series this time

el haddadi oussama says:

I think at this moment we need the best team to represent EU at MSI .
so i hope G2 wins.

Lee says:

ez win for g2 lmao

Odin Slåttvik says:

Cap's xPeke/nukeduke banter was seriously one of the worst banter I've heard

EatNSleep says:

gonna be another 3-0 lmao

Floowil says:

It's rewind time!

Jens9807 says:

hope this wont be another 3-0 series

Óscar Alarcón says:

0:42 LOL

Emiii Li says:

OG thirsty for revenge

Bedoui M says:

The playoffs format was made to make g2 win the split

Yosua Wijaya says:

Will OG get their revenge? Or will G2 reign as the true dominant LEC team?

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