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Lenovo laptop, no power, motherboard repair

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Lenovo laptop, no power, motherboard repair. We can see in this video , are two unrelated faults, one its the bios its stuck and the laptop its not coming on, the second is the 5v power switch on the usb power rail.

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Ivan says:

Put more commercials…

Lotusrk123 says:

Apparently, everywhere except India and Pakistan, if the combination super I/O chip, power management chip, BIOS chip (144 pin) fails on a Lenvo G50-70 (chip # IT8586E, 1435-FXA), the laptop is considered not repairable and sent to the recycle bin. The blank chips are cheap; under $10 from China. Evidently the problem is with programming the new chip with BIOS information? The RT809F programmer and the full set of attachments (including the PEB-1 ribbon adapter) is available off Ebay for $100, but for repairing one computer this is not viable. Does anybody know a shop in Colorado (or the U.S.) that programs these chips? Or should I buy the programmer and start a new business?

Khalid jj says:

First, Where do get schematics from. Need schematics for this labtop. Second, I have a Asus K501U laptop where after the power connector the two mosfets has issue. The first one D has 19v the second MOSFET S has no 19v. I shorted the S to D and still not coming on. I measure a D to S short on three other MOSFETs on the board. Any suggestions on next step. Should I short the other three MOSFETs to see if labtop will come on.

Unreal TV says:

You can see model number by pressing windows button and typing System information.

oscar gomez says:

I have the same problem I'll see if I could fix it thanks alot whish you had videos in Spanish I have to trans late four some friends in Mexico we like your work. Ánimo gracias

theyahoo you says:

I wish you had a shop at my place so i could have my laptop repaired…the computer could be heard turning on but then it wouldn’t open the screen Nd restart the power on sound, they said it’s the motherboard…

el gran kombo del sol irving says:

Hello I'm from laredo TX. Can you fix me 3 laptops with damage mother board ???

Gamer Dz says:

I have a samsung np300 v5 no charging no power

wajih baghdadi says:

dramatically good

Saeed Mahdi Araghi says:

you are the best.

Lachezar Krastev says:

If I would know you will stick those fat probes in my motherboard I would never give it to you. You can short out and burn all kind of things messing around with those probes…

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