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Live VLOG – Computer repairs

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Yeti8it says:

Carey my VERY old kit build was a FX6100 on a Gigabyte mobo and once I figured out the mobo was not reading the ram at the 1600MGHz it was but at 1333 I tried to make it see the ram at said speed . On F10 to save and exit It all went to crap . I NOW will not buy a Gigabyte board ever even though I understand it was an old board no way should it have happened . I'm an ASUS person all the way now .

AE86 of Mt. Akina says:

Not related to the video, but when I was 12, my parents gave me money to build a computer for my birthday. I was scared and didn't exactly know what I was doing but I followed one of your videos and that really helped me out.

That same pc is now 5 years old and is still in use, just wanted to say thanks!

w_axlrose1 says:

In the interest of impartiality I had to RMA an ASUS board this morning so I decided to do this online. 8 hous later and I've not had a response from them either. In my experience you're always far better off calling on the phone.

Brandon Miller says:

Carey, the problems you are having with Gigabyte make me want to switch to Asus for my next build. I have been a subscriber to your channel for years and I am an advanced tech. I watch your channel because you are a like minded individual. My wife thinks I'm crazy for watching your channel when I already know all this stuff, lol, but I tell her you have to be a like minded individual to understand. She doesn't know anything about computers. My last build was a Ryzen 7 1800x with a Gigabyte x370 board. I plan on building a computer for my daughter for Christmas and was going to go with another Gigabyte board but after seeing this, I will use Asus for now. Also, I am like you and think the board manufacturers are slacking as of late. I don't like the looks of the cheaper boards but I am about to reconsider since it's just an aesthetic issue. Thanks for the content and keep it up.
PS…I am almost positive that the problem with thready is raid nvme. AMD has always been finicky with raid anyway so I am not willing to give them a pass on getting nvme raid right on the 1st try. Remember, nvme raid was just introduced for AMD on the x399 boards. There's not much info on AMD nvme raid at this point but a quick Google search will point you to several problems with raid in general with AMD. I like AMD because I like to tinker, but I will say Intel is better in general for reliability with raid and for most things for that matter. Never use AMD for a customer, only for yourself.

Rohon says:

Good luck with ASRock. I had to do an RMA on one of my board from as ASRock it has been 20 days and no motherboard yet. The first RMA request I did not get a reply back to that one. So I called the support line they transferred me to the RMA department. So I told them that I already did an RMA and have not got a response back. The person on the phone asked for my email address and said I will check on it soon. So finally got the RMA going after I call back and talk to a supervisor. So I sent the motherboard back to ASRock RMA Department it took them two days to give me a reply back telling me they received the motherboard. Just to tell me it will be another 5 to 7 days for them to process it. And when that is done send me a tracking number and it will take about seven days for the shipping. So I will not get the new motherboard back till after Christmas which will mean it will take over a month for my RMA to go through.

Offi Matrix says:

Like your points of view Carey, You do right.

Bill Bruce says:

I had a "Mechanic" that I would take my car for repairs. When they had an oil change special I let them do it. It was in and out in 15 minutes. When I got home, I noticed oil leaking from under the hood. I took it back and they said they wouldn't be able to check it out until "next week". Two weeks later they reported to me stating that I needed a new oil pan for nearly $200.00. They insisted that it had nothing to do with the oil change they did. I took it to a drive-through oil change shop and ten minutes later I had a new oil change including a filter for $35.00, and guess what. No more leak! Now I get all my oil changes at the drive-through shop, and I don't even drive down the street the "mechanic" is on.

Scott Champion says:

Watching this on Thursday. Managed to find a glass bottle of Coca Cola here in the UK. I think you Americans can get them anywhere.

Dick R says:

Carey, all your videos contain useful information to us that pay attention. I have experienced unstable memory problems and cured these by installing a small fan to improve air flow over the RAM sticks. I have been reading considerable negative comments on all Gigabyte products in recent months. Good luck with your two day old Ticket with Gigabyte.

Chalk 8283 says:

Carey I've been watching your video's for around 4 to 5 years. I've just built my first PC using one of your build vlogs for guidance. I want to thank you for making it easy for people like me to have the confidence to give it a go. Keep up the good work

Jay Bird says:

I only buy ASUS and never had a bad board

Taffer9876 says:

I will take Gigabyte off my parts list. I have only used one Asus board and to my fault, I got one with a chipset fan. The fan died fairly early and eventually the board failed. My fault for not knowing about the fan beforehand.

MrAaron158 says:

why not call gigabyte on the phone instead. i had to do an rma with a month ago i called them on the phone and was all set up with 5 mins. email support from most company's is quite slow and even worst around this time of year.

JeremiahCardin says:

gigabyte had my fx970A almost 2 months for rma back in 2016 and I have never bought gigabyte again i have only had to rma 1 other piece of hardware in 20 years and it was evga gtx 480 and they had me a new one in less than a week

David Price says:

'Gigabyte', more like Gigaflop, what a dumb, puerile, thoughtless name, makes me cringe a bit. Not very innovative.

Qiang Chen says:

hi carey love you channel .learn alot from it.

Jordin G says:

nice video carrey your the only real world tech on youtube

Tony Wallow says:

Nice stream as always friend šŸ‘ ps hope your motherboard gets better soon ā¤ļø have faith Iā€™m sure you find it šŸ”§

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