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Luxe and Lazy Lagoon | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

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The Squad travels from Loot Lake Lazy Lagoon to the Fire King Prisoner’s version of a Coachella, where the show turns to a dangerous lava dig site. They battle a helicopter once the floor is lava as Luxe and her Mechanimals such as Rhino, Jackal, and Lion help out!

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Luxe and Lazy Lagoon | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)
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ArcadeCloud says:


Xavier Barrios says:

Did anyone notice a banana in the water right after Lux shot the banannas with a boom bow and it had blood on it will him whatever

Magic Shinobi says:

I hate his videos

Legend Waz Here says:

Don plays that game wtf

cohan DUHE says:


Phillip Plays says:

TTV= tryhard

MattsLegoChannel says:

I love Monster legends I played sense I was 5 years old

Kelsey Tatro says:

I like your channel and I like when the banana say bla bla bla😂😂😂😂

Solarflare Rick says:

3:15 We are about to unleash a war against The F@@#@@ Fire King, and FishStick is on THE NINTENDO SWITCH

TheIdiotic Kid says:

After watching 33 seconds I want die

alicia apolinar says:

Why did you kill luxe

Sir JP the 7th says:

Fire king = Thanos

GX D Spill og fritid says:

Reporter for teaming with enemies

Hydration lizard628 says:

I watch this channel because of squad

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