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Maru vs Protoss! Maru vs Trap – Starcraft 2 GSL

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dollores says:

That was one of the most nail biting games I've seen in months.

Juan says:

wtf maru playing like crazy good and he still can beat protoss op units

Sam Rahmati says:

Maru really played stupid this game

Vatnis says:

trap destroyed him

JK Kim says:

Protoss put constant pressure on Terran army AND mineral lines, while Terran did close to nothing like that. Protoss wins.
And terran players will still keep whining.. 😉

Zen Instinct says:

WOOWOW that's toss masterpiece !!

MassDynamic says:

4:43 trapped.

predvoditel1 says:

The game looks perfectly balanced right now.

K M says:

tradeoff between toss and terran is absurd. core toss units r so fragile yet take ages to rebuild terran? just pump gazillion MMMs in seconds

Jack Jones says:

damn blizzard cheaters. everybody knows your plan. even Maru cant beat your balance

K M says:

ravens and ghosts r so OP now NERF em already

Oz Oc says:

It is a Trap!!!!!!

Rusty says:

One of the better PvTs I've seen. Some very back and forth moments.

Joel Ventura says:

Ajajahah daaamn that is a toss masterpiece

Ngọc Long Vũ says:

Maru played really well. But today Trap played at a completely different level. He will beat any opponent with such a great performance.

Napoleon B says:

I m very sad

Александр says:

even casters are confused that there's no zerg in the match

én vagyok csalol says:

This is why i love protoss

Armani Garcia says:

15:21 it feels good right woooooo!!!

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