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Mobile repairing course # 10 WorkShop cell phone repair

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Today on our mobile repairing course online we ll present our workshop and all the tools that you need if you want to set up or just organize your workshop.
In this video MovilOne presents all the tools and machinery from our workshop that our technicians are using in making the best and efficient repairs so that our final customers are happy, because we celebrated our first 10.000 subscribers!!

You can see our team, our way to organize the workshop, the whole tools we use in the repairs of phones and tablets, so if you want to set up your own laboratory here you will find all the information you need!
If you have any question , no doubt to comment and if you liked it, please share and give us ¨like ¨because to continue growing we need all your support !!

Thank you all!!!



how much cost can it take to have all the stuff in my organised new workshop.


how can i have all machines and where buy them on line?

Road Runner says:

Nice, you've given me lots of ideas for my own setup 🙂

MobeeFix Hindi Hindi says:

wow, world class service center, No oca michine in your service center why?

Ever Eduardo Laurano Guerrero says:

Hola!!! Ustedes tienen vacantes para trabajar en su laboratorio?? Tengo 14 años de experiencia en el servicio tecnico celular y me gustaria irme a vivir a europa no estaria mal seguir trabajando en mi area y con una empresa de su talla me encanta su laboratorio!! Jeje

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