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My Story How I built a $100,000 Business Alone Repairing Cracked iPhone Samsung Screen

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Tools and Equipment I use:
For Samsung freezer for glass separation on Amazon https://amzn.to/2SmrFuT
Cell phone repair screwdriver tool kit with different tips needed https://amzn.to/2QUcAV3
Exact Heat Gun I use with Temp control knob to open phones https://amzn.to/2LAnzgq
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I would like to answer any questions you have. You can also message me on instagram


I originally started this business out of fear. The fear of moving back to my parents house because I had no more income coming in just wasn’t an option for me. Even though my parents would have happily accepted it, with my back up against the wall I pushed forward and went straight ahead. I felt like I had no other option but to make it work. And I did. Repairing cracked screens for the first time can be very intimidating without any knowledge at first. But with help it is do able. Especially when you know the financial income can be very beneficial for you. For some people it may not seem like a real business at first but let me tell you the money you can make is Definitely Real.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 S8 S8+ Plus S9 Note 5 8 9 cracked screen repair replacement
iPhone 5 5C 5S 6S 6S+ 7 7+ 8 8+ X XS Max
LCD digitizer screen repair replacement.


At says:

Hi Richard! Great videos! A question – what kind of repairs did you do when starting out, because changing a screen on a broken phone and selling it basically makes not profit or you even lose. Did you buy a freezer machine up front to change glass only? Or maybe other more uncommon repairs, but they are hard to find, almost everything is broken screens these days.

Viper 701 says:

I take it iPhones break more than Android phones. I'm 61, and planned to take my life, but after watching your videos, it has inspired me to try a new career business. Thank you.

Mannyfresshhh says:

Your a good hearted person. I can tell. Bless up brother. Thanks for the info we need more guys like you

Matias Medina says:

Thanks Richie for share your amazing story, is really a hope to me listen to that. Regards from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Alex Heiss says:

Your story is such great news to hear Richard. It's a great example of how trusting in yourself, particularly as things get tough, can lead to the most rewarding of outcomes. It's absolutely fantastic that you then share your story and encourage others by teaching what you have learned along the way. You make a great teacher and mentor. It's a true American dream story and hope the best for you and your future endeavors. Please keep sharing your tips though, they are priceless!!

Jamie Chan says:

So Inspirational. This how I started and became successful
Not as successful as u but one day….

Toppmad says:

Thanks for the great story and congrats! How did you advertise? Only through Craigslist? Thanks 🙂

o0o5T3V3o0o says:

All I heard was “how did I why or how or why or how” and that was enough for me , next video please

Dex Kato says:

You're living the American dream 10x Squared! Great story, you are a very shrewd businessman and a marketing genius. Keep up the good work.

sufyan mirza says:

Great video, btw sexy Bentley keep it up!

suresh tuladhar says:

You had a great story mate.never give up

Maxim C. says:

Great story, so glad for you. 😢

Hameed Cole says:

Damn! Awesome story Richard.. I see how much it meant to you, as your face lit up narrating the Genesis of your phone repairing business..
I want to do the same 😊

Patrick Silva says:

We receive around 100-180 damaged glasses per Mont. Help us to execute the changes without many faults.

Leonardo Moyarodriguez says:

I love this video ..inspiring me to keep going .. I just open my shop 1 month ago …you make feel motivated thank you RICHIE

Lazor _US says:

Nick bosa cardinals first pick

Jay Gladney says:

Are you able to make good money fixing the X and XS? I know Apple is trying to keep repairs in-house

John Murrell says:

I enjoyed your story very much I live in the UK and have recently retired and like yourself I had no knowledge of how to fix mobiles but over the last 6 months I have refurbished loads and sold them on I now do screen replacements and am absolutely blown away with your piece on the use of the freezer machine separation for the rounded screens.
I have been only doing iphones and ipads etc.
Thank you very much John M

numb6teen says:

The piano almost turned me off in the beginning 😂

ViPhone Kings says:

Great Video On iPhone Repair. It's nice to see a good POV to further my knowledge

Troy Feldheger says:

I so enjoy your videos! they are very informative and inspiring. Keep em coming. 1000 thank you's!

James Sanders says:

Do you have a line on that freezer. I couldn't see how to dm you. I don't have insta

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