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Neeb vs Serral PvZ – Semifinals – WCS Fall 2019 – StarCraft II

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For more information on WCS Fall, check the WCS site at https://wcs.starcraft2.com/en-us/tournament/5150/

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/starcraft — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/starcraft


Joseph Poon says:

UNLIMITED POWAAAA. hahahaha oh goodness that was good

Miniature Houseworks Garrison Connors says:

Is lowko casting this?

Metaspace2 says:

Mass banelings vs. archons. Serral can make it work :-O

BengalsWillBeGoodOneDay says:

Whoever gets Zerg is automatically favored to win.

Logan James says:

serral is like the new england patriots

Trevor Godley says:

Game 1 Serral showed he was better than Neeb in an even, straight up game. Just cleanly outplayed him. Game 2 Serral showed he could throw in a crushing mix up to stop anyone from cutting corners. And then there's game 3. Game 3 Serral was arguably BEHIND after the early game, and showed he could still monster punch Neeb to the moon, to quote Artosis. Huge drop in the main with lurkers to draw Neeb's army away from the 4th while teching to broods. Burrowing Lurkers under the broods and keeping broods near obstacles to stop a blink under, all while going up to SEVEN bases, 4k/2k bank and 90 larva and not letting Neeb take a 4th. Even if Serral's entire army died at that point he still would have won. I'm absolutely speechless, Serral made Neeb look like a total scrub. It's hard to even pick a specific mistake that Neeb made, Serral is just a god.

Farid MK says:

Protoss cant beat zerg, we knew that.

Lascary Jeremy says:

Serral looks like the dude in Brightburn

Sebastian Kumlin says:

17:53 Ice-Hockey

Supa Hamster says:

These guys Look like twins!🤣

Kevin Su says:

Gosh!! Such a disappoint. I wanted to watch longer better game!

Janusz Kurahenowski says:

It's sad to say but for me serral kinda ruined European starcraft. It should be really cool to see this perfect play and control, but when he wins every eu tournament it gets predictable and not that fun. There is no excitement at all, because you know who is gonna win. It isn't like that with maru, even when he was winning every gsl in a year these matches were really fun, maru winning wasn't a sure thing. He only smashed in a
the gsl, a tournament where you get a lot of preparation time. Also it's way more fun to see terran win, they need to harras, drop, have versatile strategies etc and zerg just defends until he has an unstoppable macro and a broodlord, infestor army. Besides that Zerg is too strong at at moment and we see them dominate in every tournament.
, I'm not saying that serral is only good because of balance because he is much better than any other zerg, but zerg is very strong in general. Terran and protoss have a hard time winning against a normal zerg, and they have basically no chance against terran because he is prepared for every thing possible. Maybe if blizzard switched some things around so timings and builds are different then the results could be different. Zerg is a reactive race and they just learned to basically defend anything

Mr.T says:

41:34 does Neeb hide under his desk is this a WCS tradition?

Dan Conser says:

Serral is KING!!!

Dan Conser says:

30:27 [Nathanias in Serral Voice] "You have conceded your oracle, My Mutas will go harass you now" LMAO, awesome Serral mimic!

jie yang says:

these two meet again!!!

Stinky Skunk says:

DOE IS RUSTIG!! Spastisch gedoe in het begin altijd.

jenesuispasbavard says:

Another ZvZ final, how boring.

Max Kurtin says:

The one, the only… Sellal????

Gabriel Reis says:

I love Serral!

Hi, Neighbor! says:

Pathetic play by neeb

DivineDeviation says:

Poor Neeb… no acne – no win :'(

Lukas Hillebrand says:

Serral is just on a whole 'nother level then everyone else on the WCS right now. The other pros really have to step up their game if they want to be able to even take a map from him :O
But I'm hyped, I'm sure that, given enough time, they will catch up to him and we are going to see even better Starcraft then ever before! 😀

Vaettra says:

Is it stressful to play against Serral?

Gerald Terencio says:

how is the game not broken if 2 of the 3 races need a wall early in the game just to survive the zerg? while the zerg can easily go 3 bases and have the feeling of being safe because of the joke queens and zergling speed

John Doe says:

This is like watching golf. Starcraft 1 bgh was where its at

TechnoV says:


Tom Jacobsen says:

That last game… Serral showed me the meaning of the words "The Zerg Swarm". Serral just swamped Neeb. Drowned him under a tidal wave of zerg.

George Zhou says:

Serral makes tourneys not fun to watch. I get it, he's good, but Jesus it's so boring

Molisa says:

Man that third game was just sad lmao

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