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Official iPad 4 Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions – iCracked.com

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www.iCracked.com – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, shows you how to repair your iPad 4 (WiFi, LTE + 3G) with their Official iPad 4 (WiFi,LTE + 3G) Screen/Digitizer Replacement Video and Instructions.

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Kevin Gotrik says:

It’s safer if you use packaging tape to cover all of the glass initially
and then cut around the border with a razor before you start the repair.
This prevents glass shards from flying towards the face.?

John Richards says:

So, ok, WOW! I just contacted customer support for these clowns because
they sent me the wrong bezel stickers. Instead of just spending a few
cents sending me the right stickers they made me fill out a WARRANTY FORM!
now a warranty person is going to call me! seriously, WHAT? This totally
sucks. i will be amazed if they stay in business wasting money like this.
Their original solution was for me to actually buy ANOTHER and send back
the old one when it got here for a refund. stupid stupid stupid company.?

Ray Wardle says:

Thank you, I watched several videos and yours was more informative and easy
to follow. Now the fun part, thanks again?

Dave Oliver says:

Well you make it look a lot easier than it is 🙂
Many thanks for this video,
I wouldn’t have attempted it without it.
Just knowing what to look out for is worth more than I can say.
Yes the glass was damn hard to get out and best if you get a kit with a new
plastic bezel that way you don’t have to worry about damaging the one that
is in there.
Your kit looks like the one to get, might cost a bit more but it will be
worth it.
I had to get one real quick and that was from Sydney, the kit wasn’t as
good, but with your instruction I completed it successfully and the
daughter will have a revived I-Pad 4 in the morning.
Thanks again for the great instructional video.?

Csaba Kovács says:

what kind of tape is needed for a digitizer of Doogee DG800? thanks?

Ana Marques says:

This video saved me about 100 bucks! Ipad looks amazing!?

tewilk says:

Only thing I would add, and perhaps someone mentioned already, but warn
people about the area to the right of the home button. I wedged the guitar
pick between the glass and the speaker plastic cover and damaged the foam
like material just right of the home button and under plastic guard.
Speaker still works but I have a high place in the glass in that area now
which causes glass not to fully seat in that area. Other than that works
great. ?

John Richards says:

update. went to walgreens to get 2 sided fabric tape. cut the bezel tape
to size myself rather than dealing with icracked support. they’re
terrible. buyer beware. Fabric tape worked. Also, the screws they send
for the home button come stripped. this happened to another buyer from
amazon. so, i tightened them the best i could but when i put the digitizer
on they must be slightly loose as my home button doesn’t work exactly right
(have to press hard).?

Nghia Ho says:

My screen not work??

John Richards says:

you sent me the wrong bezel stickems. so frustrated. i need my IPAD

Ken Parker says:

5 Stars!
I viewed a number of iPad 4 repair videos. This was the best of all I have
seen – very thorough and careful. High quality camera work on the fine
detail steps! Includes great tips such as safety glasses and gloves during
the appropriate steps. I had glass chips hitting my face on some of the
removal around the shattered parts.
Thank you!?

Bobby Pickett says:

Do you sell those iPad gigs? If so, how much and where can I get one”?

Muhamed Ghareeb says:

can you tell me when i can buy iPad 4 Screen / Digitizer like those you
use, also the rear house for ipad 4
i need your advice ?

GamerFollower says:

When I try this, I can’t get anything under the digitizer to lift it up,
not even a razor. The heat gun I am using is rated up to 1,200F. I can’t
tell if I am heating the glass long enough to losen the glue or if there is
something I am missing. I have even tried using the suction cups to try and
pull the digitizer apart, but it ended up breaking one of my suction cups
instead… Every tutorial I see, it seems like the person is easily getting
something under the digitizer to lift it up. Help please?

Luka Flucas says:

take a shot when he says digitizer?

Jordan Levy says:

11:04 yupp me too?

ed ercoli says:

Great video. Precise and consice and easy to follow. We cracked our ipad
4th generation to a splintered mess. Always up for a challenge, we ordered
a replacement and voila!! Like new. Thank you?

Kay Zaki Wong says:

How not to damaged your backlight after replacing the digitizer? Mine is
half dimmed on the right side after replacing my digitizer ;(?

Tpreilly83084 says:

Dude. You are a fucking life saver. I created a YouTube account just to
thank you for showing me about those clips to hold the ribbons in. I
couldn’t get the ribbons in based on another video I saw bc it didn’t show
this. Also, the other video shows an iPad without a cracked screen coming
out soooo easily. Where mine came off like yours. Thanks again. You saved
me about 700 bucks as I thought I had to buy someone a new iPad ?

MadMattz76 says:

Good detailed video. I agree the camera work was wonderful. I noticed the
lower RH corner didn’t seem to be filed or bent back. How did you get the
new bezel to sit along with the new glass with that pushed in ? I’ve either
had to file it down or use the back end of the metal spudgers to reshape
the corner for the glass not to “pop” when pressed.?

Jesse Norris says:

hi there love the video worked well.
can i buy the jig from you and if so how much???

f4oti says:

Thank you very much! Best guide on iPad 4 I ever seen! :-)?

Sangar Musher says:

Great video i really benefited from, i looked at another video for
replacement but turned out to crush in, then i looked at this video luckily
i fitted in my ipad 4 which saved me around £40?

Andy Tan says:

great video..thank!!?

iCracked says:
r chris says:

Great video sadly I tried to repair my own iPad and ended up breaking it
more. Had to send it of to have a company fix it. $80 later and good as new
and I didn’t have to cut my hands. check them out iMaster Repair. ?

Shahana Begum says:

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