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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Repair & Disassemble – Fixez.com

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http://www.fixez.com presents the Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Repair & Disassemble video. Visit Fixez.com for all of the DIY replacement parts, tools and repair instructions that will allow you to fix your Note 4 display assembly (LCD, touch screen/front panel) quickly, and affordably. With the high quality Galaxy Note 4 replacement screens and parts, the recommended premium repair tools and detailed, step-by-step guides we provide, completing the DIY repair successfully could not be easier. If you do not feel comfortable doing the repair yourself- we have you covered there too. Contact one of our skilled repair technicians at 866-233-6460 or support@fixez.com and they will fix your Samsung handset for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for additional DIY smartphone and tablet HD repair videos.

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taboo216 says:

sooo i dropped my note 4 and not only did the screen go all bat shit crazy but the touch screen was all wanky. eventually the screen just went black. but I still get text messages and my notification light still goes off. is that fixable?

Saba Micheal says:

can I ask about diagnostics? my screen went black. I can answer calls with the home button I can even open the pattern blindly but nothing is displayed except the left top led blinking during turn on and off. please help

Ellie sad says:

I have a doubt, the screens of the different models of Galaxy Note 4 are compatible with each other? For example, the N910f screen is compatible with the N910c.

السماء الزرقاء says:

WTFFF is this

michelle sevast says:

Wow I wish I had you to fix my Note 4.

aby set says:

Usefull video, can you please tell us how to reconize a fake note 4 screen from the original one ? maybe some link about that ?

Naveenics says:

It looks way too invasive to replace a screen.

The Dude says:

I need some help. I switched motherboard from one N910F to another one and now the GPS doesn't connect to satellites. What could I've done wrong? Where are the parts responsible for the GPS located? Does it have to do with the USB charging port module? Help plz!

Jose C says:

my phone fell and the screen broke and now i have a black shattered screen. how can i repair that?

edgar rivera says:

f-that rather buy new phone who knows how much will all this will cost..

thienvanviet . com says:

This is shit video, we looked the way you remove the screen at 2:30 and guest that there were many people doing like your video, the result will be a full cracking screen by the ways you doing, do not guide other people doing if your skills are bad like that.

Ricky Sandhu says:

Hello…! I have a Note 4 and I replaced the display as it broke. After i replaced it with a brand new display, the phone still shows a black screen. The LED light and the menu and back button do light up but there is not display….

Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this issue ?

SourStrawberrys says:

I hate when they pre dissemble it p. They don't show that those screw are hard as fuck to unscrew because it is liked they are glued in. Especially the ones near the charging port that won't budge and it bending my screw driver.

Admiral General N.N. says:

I Disassembled my Phone and than assembled it again and my screen us Now black …the small light in the Corner works and the Button Lights too. ..and it vibrates but the screen stays black …could you help Please?

SyFyGy 1 says:

Anyone know how to get around that?

SyFyGy 1 says:

My brother says the phone locks up because of the Fingerprint Reader when replacing a screen.

George Hans Aupindi says:

replaced the lcd of my note 4, but i dont think they did it properly.

flox says:

how to only Change the glas? not the Touchscreen?

loic bujard says:

preciser qu' il falais chauffer l'ecrent c'est en option ??????? j'ai bousiller mon écrent avec c'est connerie quand on fait une video les pression son capitale mais bon apparament vous en avais rien a foutre

jim jim says:

bubbles will drive me crazy

Ali Al Badi says:

why u disassemble it all ??

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