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OG vs. G2 | Final Game 3 | LEC Spring Split | Origen vs. G2 Esports (2019)

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VoD of Origen vs. G2 Esports (Game 3)
LEC Spring Final 2019 #LEC

Casters: Quickshot, Froskurinn and Vedius
Interview: Laure Valée with Ocelote, Caps, Jankos and Grabbz

Full Line up:
Origen Line up:
• Alphari – Top Aatrox
• Kold – Jungle Rek’Sai
• Nukeduck – Mid Akali
• Patrik – ADC Draven
• Mithy – Support Galio

G2 Esports Line up:
• Wunder – Top Ryze
• Jankos – Jungle Jarvan IV
• Caps – Mid Jayce
• Perkz – ADC Neeko
• Mikyx – Support Tahm Kench

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL. FULL VOD PLAYLIST – https://www.youtube.com/user/LoLChamp…

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엄기태 says:

Does anyone know the BGM after game3?

Tsubasa Hanif says:

no trophies?!

john villena says:

Og got raked this 3rd game

Zoetrist Norihland says:

will it be SKT VS G2 in worlds final?

Mr. Spooderman says:

18min 26sec damn son

Kuo Lee says:

so how did fnc lose to og again??

Renegade 4Life says:

G2 really out there speedrunning the whole lec 😩🔥

Pawel Seyda says:

Even pornhub would be scared to upload sth like this

Kev says:

We finally find out that lec is an anime. Its one punch man and G2 just hasnt been serious

Truth and Downfall says:

What a stomp

Julio cesar says:


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