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Quake – Best Champion In Game!

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How to learn quake vid – https://youtu.be/IpeP36aaSMw

Finally i found some time and train of thought to explain why i do sincerely believe quake is THE BEST champion in MCOC!


Madeurr says:

I have a 5* quake but I don't like I don't use it

Wesken 111 says:

Nice vid again. Should you rank Corvus above her as my 1st R5? Im in act 5 now for 100% completion.

lleynor says:

You made good points. She's going to 5-65 tomorrow

Bucket Of Fire says:

Some people say that True Strike destroys Quake…

But I think Quake and Bake still works.

R J says:

Can you suggest the best way and place to practice quake and shake style? Is 5.4.1 a good place?

abhishek raturi says:

I steamrolled invisible woman the second time as I didn't have quake in my team first time and my whole team died to her without making a dent but second time quake finished her with 98% health still left! 😂 And I am crap with quake I can only heavy parry lol. Best champ

Danschneider Luopata says:

quake was my first r4 5* and boy, shes literally the solution to 70% of the game

Luis Grayson says:

You can only play quake if you are on ios, this is impossible in android :'v

demitri maximoff says:

these are all damage champs,bam-bam and kabam! there is no other hero that can do what void can

The Wild King says:

I pulled her 4 star version from a science crystal (where it is a 10% to get 4 star) and i love using her! Shes very fun but i still am not perfect at using her but i will try grinding her!

The Wild King says:

What device do you play on? Ipad or iphone?

frass up bart simpson says:

100% agree she's such a unique champion. But I feel like the more Kabam see this videos the more likely they are to nerf her. Someone already got banned because he was winning alliance war fights without hitting at all.

Randy Butternubs says:

You are amazing with quake holy shit

Lord Hyper says:

What an absolute beast!!!

breez gamez says:

I’ve been a believer for a long long time! Best champ to counter mystics imo and sooo many other things. There’s one play style I employ that is not known about. Happy to share in more detail…

Lucas JY says:

She's my MARVEL Coc Bae <3!! >~<

Larry Pascucci says:

Yea Quake is great and all but her playstyle can get very boring after a while i love using Red Hulk while hes not the best science hes still really great can do massive heat damage while gaining heat charges and using the sp1 also is immune to poison.

abhijit mitra says:

Good quake demo man…

soumik mukherjee says:

Quake best champ lol she's shit best science woupd be Void

Hector Medina says:

It is always a pleasure to see you destroy the opponent’s.

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