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Quake | Rags Reviews

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To celebrate the release of Rage 2, we’ll go back to 1996 for a look at 55 MB of charming, classic FPS shooty shoots. Respect the classics.



Bleating Goat says:

I want Rags to rub his ass on my face.

MarcTheCyborg says:

I’m currently playing through Quake right now for the first time since the 90s and Rags is right… this game holds up 👍

Rambi says:

Well that brought back memories, I have thousands of hours in this game, competed in it from 96 to 01

Shaun Daly says:

I spent so many hours on this & its various online mods.

jpfan1992 says:

whens Quake 1.5 and Arcane Demensions both are amazing!

OvAeons says:

soo you gunna take a look at amid evil?? 😀

OvAeons says:

can i just say: this had more of an effect on me than doom ever did? I did like doom but i did not play through a doom demo at least 100 times when little.. GIVE US A NEW LOVECRAFTIAN QUAKE

Caprin says:

A good game review? noice, liked and subcribed

dontworshippeople says:

Two words… Rocket jump

WulfOne says:

I don't see how Quake is any less repetitive than Rage 2. All the 90's fps and modern ones rely on repetition. Repetition doesn't always mean it's bad.

ImBoredToo says:

4:01 🤔

DreadPirateDuo says:

Best Rage 2 Review EVER!

shmupperfromhell says:

Man i frikkin love your takes! I remember the Quake days, i specifically remember that i was not onboard at the time – i thought "meh, it won't catch on" lol And here we are now. It's crazy how wrong (meaning I, and my friends) can be. (still hate Cod though)

Amateur Computing says:

You should have reviewed Quake on the Amiga.

A Russian Doge says:

Shub (can't type the other part of the name on youtube)

NumberTheory 3434 says:

Just subscribed for more juicy Rags content.

Glory says:

I love the philosophical contemplation of the otherworldly layout of the levels halfway through. That aesthetic always contributed to the feeling of loneliness, being lost in a strangely familiar but altogether alien realm that ID's early games could instill. I think it's one of the reasons we remember them so well.

Punishment90 says:

Great review Rags. You did forget one thing about the story and theme of Quake. It's heavily inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.

The Grey Shaman says:

Glad to be a part of history

Max Mitchell says:

What types of games do you play when you’re not making a YouTube video?

CrystalZeus says:

Review Space Engineers

Froban says:


Stephen Williams says:

Been there.did that. Loved that. And played on the net. Had a CPU hat limped along at 75-100 mega hertz all good fun when we took over a old school in nw ohio. Servers and cable net works put us greased rails.

Magnus Danger Magnus says:

Another youtuber doing a retro review of Quake? Hot diggity!
I really hope it's not another one of those reviews where they spend two full minutes saying that all the textures are brow…
Oh there it is.
Never mind.

Tritty Burd says:

"totally not hell." I sense a bit of Yahtzee.

Topherics Lawk says:

Rags play DUSK. Please.

Robert Ciulla says:

This was my favorite game when it came out… Would love to get it again if it can work on Windows 7.. I'm very much a Novus, so any direction to where to get it would really be appreciated.. Thanks

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