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Rise of Azshara Content Preview

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Join Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel for a deep dive presentation of the upcoming content for Rise of Azshara.


Holds says:

Mechagon Island looks like that place on Destiny 2 on Nessus

x1plus1x says:

I hope that we get a mecha-gnome allied race someday.

Adrian says:

"Super excited" where have I heard that before?

Alptraum says:

This is a man who looks like he's aware of the hate that he's up against lol

Ketzsalf says:

Gorgeous underwater area…

We all hate water in video !

Chee Brain says:

Chect it out guys! – @t

FrailLittleGoblin says:

But will this be enough to recover the lost trust of your players?

Multi Vitamin says:

do I really have to resub to wow? fu

James Vermilling says:

Something about Jeremy presenting this just makes it better. ActivisionBlizzard, pay attention please.

LOL says:

I love BfA! Please Blizzard continue making WoW-Addons or mak WoW 2.0 but combined with current WoW. 😀 For Azshara!!! For Illidan! 😀

Luci Alexandru says:

When 8.2 gona pop? Sooo hyped about it

nathan hamlin says:

whats the point of quest if people have allready hit level cap

Arnaud F says:

En 2019 vous publiez en 720p ??? la 4k est loin pioooou =)

Денис Селянин says:

О чем речь бала?

Ninerow says:

I Remember Legion… Legendarys boosted the DPS huge. Playing 8 hours a day, doing m+, raiding… getting kicked of my guild, because i got 0 Legendarys in 3 weeks in 7.0. Randomizer drops with powerfull items are awful.
I like Nagas btw. I like this Lovecraftian taste in BfA.

Hubnero says:

knowing the new blizzard, i guess every new mount will be store exclusive

MK Ultra says:

plz release classic wow

macduc88 says:

I like where this is heading.. BUT.. why would you increase ilvl all the time? Everything you grinded for in worldquests, mythic+ and daily worldquests feel really redundant. We are getting new equipment and gear from everything we do -making the player OP i a few hours. The mobs in the open world are so easy you can pretty much kill dozens of them in a couple of seconds. I for one don't want to grind gear at the end game – I want to have a hard and exciting journey.

I don't want to get casino rewards in form of weekly chests and hope for a piece of super titan forged gear. I want gear to feel special when it actually drops and make crafting much more needed.

I don't want to run around the world all by myself and feel I don't have to communicate with other players in order to help each other out because everything in the open world is super easy and it takes more time to ask people for help then doing it myself.

I want to have to bring food and drinks just to go outside because trying to kill mobs bring me down in health/mana – I don't want to regenerate it in a matter of seconds and/or just attack more mobs to get life leech.

I want a bigger and more unique talent tree – Not grinding replaceable gear in form of "azeroth gear".

I don't even want flying – making it even more grinding and allow players to get from one world quest to another in a matter of seconds.

I don't want all my mounts to run around water – making water walking unique mounts non-special and classes like shamans and death knights even more non-unique.

I don't want mount rewards for everything we do – when I get a mount I want it to feel special and be proud of showing it to my friends.

n00b says:

As long as the lawyer turned game designer, Ion Hazzikostas, is running things, WoW will continue to be nothing but a disaster!


Gaming Nation says:

thats stupid just give us back artifact weapon abilities

ShArK says:

Please create Warcraft 3 on Mobile . 😢😢😢😢

Mimiklive says:

Trashran is back thank god

pierre therat says:

Does any Blizzard employee know will i be able to get Heritage armor after BFA. Or do i need to log in before the next expansion come out.

pierre therat says:

wait Metagon loot look like a reskin of the engineer socket gems. Very interesting whenever I return my Gnome will be happy.

Alakazam3K says:

Giant Brewfest update?! I'M IN!

Casper Peterseeen says:

world of warcraft is a big joke now i miss the good old days

Flicker455 says:

Actually excited for 8.2.

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