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ROX'S SAD ORIGIN STORY… *SEASON 9* (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Rox has a sad origin story where she gets bullied by robot kids.



minecraftDude 133 says:

Just an idea…

Pls stop making every origin story "sad" its getting annoying

Ravenous Wolf says:

710th comment BTW

themlg kid says:

Bring the girl with the golden chain back

Jarrelljude Sarzaba says:

Why is it always sad

Hunter YT says:

Yea no mo besketboll

InTheCrowd YT says:

Why are all these Origin Story’s Sad?

Tina Dumrzich says:

Thx for putting revolt in a vid

The Ultimate says:

It wasn't sad

Theamazingsamuel , says:


Rouge Elite says:

Duh Hell was the Beginning

DeadlyDaniel216 says:

Best part: "I actually seen dat dance before and I hope you don't get sued over it."

Titan The Doberman says:

Make oryin story about cobalt

the suchuco gamer says:

Why always sad cant we have a happy back story

Vaseto TV says:

One of them shoud have dance Billy bounce

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