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Samsung Electric Dryer Disassembly – Dryer Repair Help

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Repairing a Samsung electric dryer? This video demonstrates the proper and safe way to disassemble a dryer and how to access parts that may need to be tested and/or replaced.

Here is a list of the most common dryer problems:

Dryer won’t start
Dryer stops turning during cycle
Dryer won’t turn at all
Dryer takes too long
Dryer is too hot
Dryer won’t stop
Dryer doesn’t heat
Dryer trips breaker
Dryer makes noise

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speedcraig says:

Outstanding video. Simple, sequential, really excellent teaching design. Helped me immensely and want to thank you for posting.

jcurbelo76 says:

Muchas gracias!!!!!

mark s says:

A friend of mine has one of these and we're curious if the water line is actually needed hooked up

John Pelosi says:

Excellent video. Easy to follow directions. Can't ask for anything more.

Susan Edwards says:

Couldn't get a repairman for a week and you just let us fix it in an hour. Thank you, thank you!

Devin Ong says:

Thank you the video. Saved me a bunch of money and no, i didnt switch to geico. I was able to replace the belt using this video.

Colorado Biking says:

Super helpful and identical to my dryer. It made my idle roller replacement straightforward!

Rajiv Singh says:

Thank you very much. You saved my home from being burned down. I smelled a burning smell from the dryer and only pulled off the exhast tube and cleaned that only because i didnt know how to open up the dryer. Your video got my able to completely open my dryer to find that lint was burning ontop of the heating element and gas line!!!it was pitch black! thanks a ton!

Ry CyN says:

Thanks! This was exactly the video I needed to do the work myself.

Jose Colon says:

Thanks a lot!

Chris Deloge says:

My control panel won't pop off as easily as it seems like it should. My model is: DV42H5200EW/A3. Do you have any suggestions?

piet puk says:

Thank you RepairClinic.com for providing these perfect repair video. the bearing in one of the support wheels was broken…..

MindenMoose says:

very good information. Thanks. I do want to take your VO announcer for a drink to brighten up his life a bit.

jeff meyers says:

This is new to me, what is a water line doing in a dryer? Am I missing something, my Samsung dryer doesnt have one.

aztecray1980 says:

Very informative. thx

Colby Lovell says:

Excellent guide!!!!!

Lisa Ketchem says:

My dryer no longer heats and continues to spin unless the door is open.  The timer stays in the same time also.  Do you have suggestions?

Pixelated Imports says:

Thank you for another thing I learned today.

Billie Campbell says:

i own this junkie dryer, it is horrible first the drum cracked, than an HE code now no heat, not including purchase and warranty, so far 550.00 extra and still have to visit the laundry mat

Christine Kelly-Boyd says:

Thank you RepairClinic.com for providing these excellent repair videos! You saved us several hundred dollars today! 🙂 We live over an hour from "certified Samsung" repair people. You made this easy! Dryer fixed! A sock got into the motor fan-"someone" (me) left the lint filter out after cleaning it-in the ~5 minutes it was out the sock snuck in! I love being able to fix my own appliances successfully! Have done 2 dishwashers and 2 dryers plus many toilets, sinks, garbage disposals etc. Makes me feel empowered! Thanks again!

Larry Zakharov says:

Very helpful, thanks! I was able to take the dryer apart and found the heating coil to be the problem. Saved lots of $$$

Minden Gal says:

After my Samsung Dryer fell apart and Samsung refused to even acknowledge their product was defective, I decided to tackle it myself. I went to the repair clinics site, found my dryer drum under my model number and ordered it. It arrived in great condition quickly and folowing this repair clinic video, I removed the old drum and installed the new one in less than 2 hours. I am now a fan of Repair Clinic. I highly recommend their business and their installation videos.

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