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Samsung Front-Load Washer Disassembly, Repair Help

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Repairing a Samsung front-loading washer? This video demonstrates the proper and safe way to disassemble a washing machine and how to access parts that may need to be tested and/or replaced.

Here is a list of the most common washer problems:

Washer not spinning
Washer is making loud noise
Washer won’t agitate
Washer won’t drain
Washer is vibrating
Washer fills slowly
Washer leaking water
Washer won’t start
Washer won’t spin or agitate
Washer overflowing

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Tools needed: multi screwdriver, Phillips head bit, 19mm socket, rubber mallet, 10mm socket, needle nose pliers, flat head bit

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paola lugo says:


Richard Gregg says:

Rear of Samsung washer drum has dropped down. Need to know how to repair this. Drum want turn so I'm guessing this is due to misallignment.

Reyes' Family says:

Hi, I want your support, my washer is GE and doesn’t start, door is locked. How can I reset the washer. It’s like there is not energy in the panel. How can I open a access panel to see if there is any electrical issue?

Ditherit says:

At 0:46 Seconds when the rear panel is removed, there is a white bracket attached to the drum holding the wire harness. Do you know what that part is? The one on my washer broke at the screw and was hitting the drum during the spin cycle making a very loud ticking sound. Right now, I have it temporary secured, but would like to replace it.

stang779 says:

Great video. My washer had an “nd” error. My wife washed a bathmat and the back of it disintegrated. I took it apart following your instruction and cleaned out the drain hoses. It was full of the rubber from the mat, a lot of sludge, and a quarter. Now it’s working just fine. Thanks, very informative and simple to follow.

roadking65 says:

I have a washer like this and its all rusting up by the soap tray. The machine is only 2yrs old. It looks like crap!

Nina Gayheart says:

If I just unplug it is it safe to start work on it and not get electrocuted? Do I need to be worried the capacitor?

Murali Ys says:

Some times my top loading machine continuously drains while filling water, cas of this level is not achieving or washing

david hallsten says:

VERY DESCRIPTIVE VIDEO. thanks for sharing . . . . .

Charles 1967 says:

i have front load samsung washer,everything looks normal on the control panel,when i push the start button, it seems is working but there is no movement, any idea please,what is wrong?thanks if anybody can help

ck gibson says:

we disassembled washer, put it back together and now it makes an airplane noise during the spin cycle. We were looking for something lodged in the drum that would snag clothes. We didn't find anything. now the washer sounds like an airplane taking off. Any suggestions?

Youtuber says:

This is a WF405ATPAWR/A2

eraide guzman perez says:

Washin6 Machine SamsungDe 120v_6hz 330wModelo wa80nzCapacidad 6kg,quiero conseguir un panel de control para reparar mi lavadora

1hjehje says:

Excellent video … Thank you!

Richard Raucina says:

Disassemble them with a sledge hammer and drop this POS in front of Samsungs corporate offices with their exploding phone and top load washer. We need some lawsuits for all these companys that saved 3$ per unit for not making a SS spider. Really, the Chinese can fab that part for 3$ in SS, but then the machines would last too long. Corporate greed

Trish V. says:

Hey , my machine has a red blinking light over the lock symbol . It stays locked when it is off and opens when I power it on never used to do that before any knowledge of why?

seelark says:

Thank you for this video. I checked out others but this is the one that helped me fix the problem which turned out to be just a broken spider. There was no evidence of water intruding through the seal. One should check the bearings by feel before removing the seal unnecessarily. I would imagine most people would ruin the seal removing it as I did. Upon inspection my bearings operated completely smooth with no play side to side. That spider is surely an engineering defect on two levels. First, any water and grime that gets to this area either shouldn't get there to begin with or should rinse out completely. Second, the spider itself should be a solid casting without the channels for crud to build up in or at the very least be coated in some impervious epoxy that protects the metal from corrosion. If indeed the part is strong enough in the first place to handle the stresses it undergoes.

Patrick Nelson says:

Does a service manual for a Samsung WW22K6800AW/A2  washing machine exist? I can't find a competent service provider. Could fix it if I had a service manual / diagram for wire harness. HELP! 🙂

japanluv says:

For these high efficiency Samsung machines, isit bettet to use powder detergent or liquid? Just got one and planning to make our own detergent delicate enough for our 7 months daughter as m

Alan Domaracki says:

This video was truly helpful for my repair. I replaced the door latch mechanism (front loader) on my Samsung WF350ANP XAA 03. The mechanism is enclosed in a plastic case which had shattered. Why? Its a mystery to me. The replacement part was available locally for me and the cost was far less (< $100) than I expected since it is an electro-mechanical part. Given the number of pieces that needed to be removed, I expect that a service person might have needed 2-3 hours to disassemble and reassemble the washer. I wonder what a service call might have cost me? Does anyone have any experience with the expenses associated with a service call?
While I had the unit open the shock absorbers were exposed so I pulled those out to learn if they were functioning properly. Yes, they were. I'd note that properly operating absorbers have about 1/2 inch of light resistance followed by stiffer resistance. At the parts store, new absorbers functioned the same.
I've read some comments with people stressed out because their washer betrayed them. Yes, it is easy to have that feeling. When I studied the insides of the machine it was obvious that there were many, many plastic components. Nevertheless, I thought it to be well designed. It was definitely better than other washers I've owned with cast iron transmissions and various belts that dripped oil, wore out belts and caused other problems.
I was most impressed by the direct drive electric motor and the efficiency and simplicity of the system. Well done Samsung. Even after this breakdown and repair, I'd go back and purchase another one.

Unique Enterprises says:

Fantastic instructional video – clear, step by step and very factual. Thanks!

Keith Willard says:

Great video, I have a samsung front load washer.  When you tub spins clockwise it makes a lot of noise and spins very slow.  However, when the tub spins counter clockwise it spins smootly and makes no noise.  Does this sound like a bearings problem?

Neomatrix1981MN says:

Lg disassembly

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