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Samsung Galaxy S4 Water Damage Repair Fix – TUTORIAL – Win the latest SMARTPHONES!

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Water Damage Repair Fix – TUTORIAL – Win the latest SMARTPHONES!


rio joy villanueva says:

what if it is not able to repair it immediately ? it stuck a long period of months ??

GadgetDoctorUSA says:

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Bub1029 says:

My battery has a water indicator that's white with blue X's on it. What does that mean??

hopeyf says:

Hi um I dropped my Samsung in the water and immediately took it out I didn't know to put it in rice or to shut it off so I dried the battery then dried the screen the phone works perfectly but the touch screen doesn't!!! The battery is dark dark dark pink!!!!?

Deepak Sareen says:

Thanks. I was able to recover my phone by this method?

Tiffany Bradley says:

Will a blow dryer work? Lol….. seriously.?

Eric Kort says:

hello sir,my s4 mini got water damaged,id like to fix it to have a spare phone to use,with mine the screen doesn't turn on but at left n right bottom the go back and the other thing lights up but not the upper right light doesn't light up.,theres sound though and it vibrates.?

JeAn CeLeStE says:

Is there water indicator on innjoo android phones??

Josh Child says:

will 70% alcohol work??

Alexander Vasileiadis says:

thanks u sooooooooo much….just saved me from a lot of trouble…..?

Sai Krishna says:

hello my mobile j7 has fell in water and every thing works poperly just the screen is not getting off can any pllzz plzz plzzz help me?

donovan elliott says:

instead of a Soldering gun can I use a hair dryer instead or does it have to be Soldering gun??

Mekanikal says:

does rubbing alcohol work??

Nur Syafiqah says:

my phone samsung was about fall to water half , i mean not fully drawn to water.. about 3 sec.. and my phone was not function.. can i repair it.. please tell me, and if i sent for repair, how cost it will be? please reply..?

Rob Dawes says:

My Phone samsung s4 i9505
had the smallest amount of seawater touch it and i mean the smallest amount , a drip of water. My doesn't work now , i tried rice, utter rubbish, i have taken out motherboard and cleaned it with 99% pure alcohol carefully dismembering so has not to break anything. I now get sound but no display or lights of any sort , strange , i have followed this process several times with other methods and still nothing . I get sound but nothing else. If i change motherboard will it fix my problem? dont no what else to do ….help?

Zahid Zomba says:

hye. my phone was drop in water. Then i put it into rice until 2 days. After that, screen appear in moment later it turned black. Then i charged the phone it still black and it just vibrate. can you help me??

Despair Life says:

help me i drop my phone into the toilet when i got it it doest have any sounds and the return button doest work :(?

Su Casa Gaming says:

my j5 fell in water and it comes on but lines appear on it what should i do ?????

Kellie lopez says:

wow I have the same exact phone and it worked!!!!!!!!AMAZING!  now I just have to buy a new battery.  THank you so much!?

luis serrano says:

thank you?

Lucian Dr?g?lin says:

if it's that simple why is it so expensive??

snipern0ob says:

i dropped my s4 in water, the strip on the battery is still white and it "turns on" , but the screen is just black. The phone makes noise when i put the battery in, it vibrates, and the notification LED lights up. Would doing this fix the problem??

Jamie Mcculloch says:

i have the s4 and i have water damage my exturnal spearker was crackling so i got a new one and it still does it is there a way to clean it or fix this thanks?

vishal cool says:

Hy hlep bro my screen was black on intex extreme?

D0menica Valle says:

@gagetdoctorUSA I think my phone is water damage but it has no pink ribbon?

Alex Gonzalez says:

Is there any way to do this so it doesn't void warranty? Does opening the phone like this void the warranty? lol.. seriously asking though..?

Bubblegum Umbrella says:

I dropped my phone in water for about two seconds and its working fine and the phone turns on and you can see the screen on but the screen doesn't respond to anything. I tried putting in rice and everything, but it still didn't work, and I was wondering if my phone still had hope and if I should try this??

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