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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair From Start To Finish.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair From Start To Finish. (With Explanation) Also See Galaxy S8+ Repair & Teardown https://youtu.be/Q0F1IEnPq9M Samsung Phone Repairs http://www.fixitplanet.com If you need a screen try this https://amzn.to/2q4NKBS


khalil mekrane says:

Hello, the S8 screen is superamoled(based on LED technology), while the replacement screen is LCD.does that affect the quality and sharpeness of images please? thank you

Gabriel salgado says:

Can you just change the Glass

Tyler Hardy says:

That black coil you're referring to as the NFC antenna is actually the wireless charging coil.

Another Angry NPC says:

Insurance clam is cheaper for me rather then buying a new screen lol

C. M. says:

I had a good phone some years ago that had an unbreakable screen. I dropped it many times on the ground even one time face down when fell 2 metres and nothing happened. Just a small dent but the screen didn't broke. Suppose it wasn't glass but something else. That was a HTC Touch Diamond phone. Don't understand why they don't use this technology (it's obvious they want us to break and buy another phone).

C. M. says:

I was trying to separate the glass but it's in fact so thin and fragile that I couldn't not break the LCD too. So now I have to change thistle. Is there a way to change the glass only without breaking the LCD (super thin and fragile)?

C. M. says:

Thanks. Helpful.

Ford Windstar says:

How much would you charge on a repair like this?

Hxmzo says:

A lot of people have been asking will it still be waterproof/ resistant so let m explain to you 🙂

Its not the actual screen that is water resistant/proof because any screen stops water from entering the phone as it is impossible for water to go through glass unless its cracked when water is normally on glass it just slides off or stays on the surface of the glass. But what actually makes the phone water resistant/proof is the components inside the phone. Also the one main thing you must not forgot is the adhesive used to stick the front screen and back glass onto the actual phone frame because they use water resistant/proof adhesive so that water cannot enter through the sides of the phone as the adhesive will not let any water into the phone at all. However, if the adhesive wears out or is damaged then water will be able to pass through but that can be easily solved by replacing the old adhesive with some new adhesive.

Anyways that was some information you might want to know, but the phone will still be water resistant/proof if the adhesive is in tact and not damaged because the adhesive is what prevents water from entering the phone making it waterproof/ resistant.

Hope That Helped You 🙂

Ari lol says:

rip my phone screen. 🙁

Jazil Ghogomu says:

I did this without removing the motherboard because there this one screw that didn't want to come out.

Robert says:

Great Video!

Craig Marshall says:

where can you get a screen for a good price?

kimchiman1000 says:

Many thanks. I saw another vid where the guy replaced the front glass only. It looked like a LOT more work. Cheaper perhaps, but more challenging.

This video will be very helpful when I can afford to buy a replacement screen.

Isaac Young says:

will I need to replace the adhesive? every time I do a smart phone repair, I've had difficulty getting the phone to be closed properly.. the adhesive mostly is the problem.

Wilson Leung says:

Thank you for the video. I will try to change the battery on my s8 Plus

Cody Shell says:

i'd be better off just buying a pocophone

Asad R says:

Please can someone tell me what type of screwdriver is being used? Thanks

Cheryl Waite says:

VERY informational. Thank you so much!!😊👍

Kevin Raney says:

No wonder they charge 300 bucks for this service. Not even gonna try it.

Lewi Gallant says:

My back and front are smashed and cracked. How will the back come off?

Aiden Pearce says:

Can I just do it an easier way

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