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Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Repair Guide

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In this guide, I will show you how to replace your broken screen for Samsung Galaxy S9.
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Why need to repair Screen?
The screen may be broken or cannot touch screen after a long time of using. This video teaches you how to replace and repair the damaged display of your Samsung Galaxy S9. It solves problems like the screen is broken, black screen, touch screen not work.

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1. Spudger
2. PH#000 Screwdriver
3. Ultra-thin Opening Card
4. SIM Card Eject Pin
5. Suction Cup
6. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun
7. Ultra-thin Opening Card
8. Tweezers


Wit Rigs says:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Replacement
Global consumers: https://www.witrigs.com/oem-screen-replacement-with-frame-for-samsung-galaxy-s9-midnight-black?com

4U2NV 2 says:

Knowing that screens crack all the time, why not make it more easy to replace it. Iits a money grab. I'm over these new phones, getting a cheap flip phone.

acetgif says:

Lmaoo you lost me when you used the heat gun

crbrou82 says:

I have an S9 with broken front glass. The digitizer still works – my glass is cracked but the touch screen still works fine. Can I just pull the broken glass off the front to replace without taking apart the entire phone?

Mixxmee xo says:

260 to get mines replaced pfffft

Kaiserhowinser The 1st says:

U now there is a way easier way u can just remove the screen and put anew one on

Zain Rath says:

Uh yeah after watching that I'll leave it to the repair shop guys thnx

DerkuiDerkui says:

Never mind, I'll just live with the crack.

MellowMadnessRMX says:

Sheesh now i see why its so expensive to get the screen replaced…

Bill Smarch says:

Anyone have a website I can order just the glass for my s9 screen?

Isaac Moreno says:

That coil isn't NFC it's the wireless charging coil

blondage X says:

No wonder this shit cost $219 at ubreakifix

Khaduji Fuad says:

I just cracked my samsung s9+ .. just crying like hell.. wish i could fix it without replacing my screen .. 😥

theodoresignal says:

Will this work for the 9+ also

Kashif Ahmad says:

Very nice sehr güt

Diana Salmeron says:

Do the adhesives come with the frame or do we have to buy the adhesives separately, if so, can u send me the link plz!

hella crazy says:

Keep it up

Ma Zi says:

You're best of the best my friend have a good luck

Asmi Yuliani says:

Charge TEST please

Emrullah Şahin says:

Please a7 2017

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