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Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims 4 | Part 15

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 15! Chelsea is determined to make this new year her best yet, but the children are going through a phase.

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Distribution Notes: Check out the rules for this challenge here:

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S.S. Squad says:

Please name you next child:
Girl: Miley or Cassidy
Boy: Karl or Nathan

Marlaina Martinez says:

Name a daughter Marlaina

Lisette Hyllested says:

Can you plesse call a gril Evangeline and a boy Leo❤

HoneyBrownBeauti says:

Hi Chelsea I love these I’ve been following since episode 1. Any who I thought I’d try my luck
Girl : Chloe
Or twins
Brayden & Braylynn
(You can spell those however you want)

kiara Otuafi says:

Can you name a girl kiara please

Bubbie Browning says:

If you have a girl named it Jennifer and if you have a boy named it Johnson

Melissa Kutsch says:

hey kelsey, your doing a great job with keeping everything interesting. love all the episodes. cant wait for more to come, hopefully you reach 30 kids before your girl ages up. thatnks for being entertaining.

alexandra rodriguez says:

Can you call one of your children Levi

Thokozille Ngoma says:

Can u name a child Callie I want the person named after my best friend

The cool kids film says:

My name is Ellie I have a name maddison
And even your own name kelcey

Sienna Arthurs says:

Girl: Sienma or lily
Boy: Dylan or Ethan

Tia Louise says:

Kelsey, please name them Tia and Ethan

Rebecca Waggoner says:

Alo good luck with 100 babies my mom had a hard time with only 3

Braelyn Williams says:

Girl or Boy name: Braelyn 😘 Btw love you and this channel and your channel 😘❤️🥰

maya deluca says:

Hello can you name one of the girls Maya please

08cloud Core says:

Please name a girl: Lydia,Haley , or Samantha . Please name a boy : Michael , Merrick, or

Rebecca Waggoner says:

Can you name a baby after me please If it's a girl Rebecca or Lori my aunt that passed. If it's a boy you could name it Isaiah or Hayden

tori coco says:

please please named a girl tori

tori coco says:

named a girl tori

tori coco says:

named a girl tori

tori coco says:

named a girl tori

tori coco says:

named a girl tori

Leanne Harbury says:

When Flynn and Cooper aged up they reminded me of the Sprouse twins 😂

Name suggestions:
Girl – I have to suggest me name (Leanne) obvs, or Scarlett or Penelope
Boy – Romeo or Sebastian

Meonna Acree says:

Dory-in is my middle name but it is spelled Dorian

Danielle Hansen says:

Hey, Kelsey! I was wondering if you ever plan on buying a different house (not that this one is lacking at all, I love it!)
And, of course, I have some name suggestions
Boy: Luca
Girl: Danielle (my name)

Whitebunny 242 says:

Please name a boy Adrian and a girl merenette

Unknown Mixtapes says:

Boy names: Damon, Dan, max, Jackson, jack, William.
Girl names: Amelia, Mia, Ava, Emily, Eve, Abby, scarlet.

The Nature EC's says:

School projects increase their performance, you should do them

UniKitty _lova says:

If you have a boy can you name him Isaiah

UniKitty _lova says:

If you have a girl can you name her Cami

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