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StarCraft 2: Skytoss Wars!

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A great game of Protoss versus Protoss in StarCraft 2 between Harstem and ShoWTimE. This game was played as part of WCS Fall.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.



ReyesPiano says:

Is it better to get archons from HTs or DTs? (Efficiency-wise)

William Edlund-Tukia says:

You didnt do the all-time favorite ”whats going on, My name is LoOoowkow” intro😢

imp3r1alx says:

Even carriers are buffed.. they still lose to mass tempest.. so.. !?

Old Oneeye says:

This game had me on the edge for quite some time, a feeling i did not have for a long time when watching a sc2-game.
Maybe because I really like both players. Nicely casted Lowko and Thank you.

Taha Suleman says:

More frostpunk, have been waiting for it forever! 🙏🙏❤❤

Sephirothz0r says:

it bugs me that showtime's 6th base is slightly misplaced…

Andrew Wahba says:

Dark templar cloaking isn't like ghost cloaking. I always thought it was just them being sneaky ninjas


Hold him accountable, fellow Lowkoians.


Keep Lowko Honest Committee, 2019 colorized

Hijiri Byakuren says:

19:40 Lowko-gasm

Harrison Philpot says:

Lowko: now i've casted dozens of games with these two players so i won't bother saying how good these players are….
proceeds to tell everyone their ranks

Jason Lynch says:

You know what I thought for a cool ability for the mothership that is with a skytoss army. Area effect the same size of it's cloaking field that gives all owned air units bonus 200 hit point shield for 8 seconds. (Similar to immortals barrier) or a cast location ability the size of time warp that does the same thing for 12 seconds.

Atm mothership has an ability to hinder ground units. Why not an ability to barrier the armada. Probably costing 100 energy.

CesarKitty says:

What is a muddership? And a stall-ker?

kotori87 says:

If the Dutchman is playing Skytoss, should we call him the Flying Dutchman? 😉

codegavran says:

… this is probably a stupid question but I play exclusively for the swarm on ladder, can Protoss share Pylon fields like Zerg share creep? I know allied Protoss do…

Menelik says:

I think shakuras dts, aiur dts and slayn dts use different cloacking methods
I think avengers and blood hunters use more tecnology to cloack

Ej Salazar says:

Thank you for creating quality content. I'm always having fun 😁

Fenekku Kitsune says:

Dark Templars are invisible. Invisible units in games can't see each other. The only reason they seem to be able to, is because they're constantly reporting their position to each other. It'd be like, if you were invisible with other invisible people, you have to tell Command where you are so you can get orders, and Command will tell all the other invisible people where you are, as well as all your allies, so that you don't get shot.

In RTS games, you are Command, so all your units are reporting their position, their status, etc etc, so you can see everything.

Mighty Ant says:

15:50 you are assuming that the dark templar see each other xd

DreamsAreMorbid says:

So watching that last fight, Harstem could have won it if he focused fire, his interceptors were EVERYWHERE and he even had a carrier off in back doing nothing when the gg went up, if he had focused, he could have hosed it down, poor guy

CesarKitty says:

“different dan dose udders”

Glardok says:

19:40 Goofy arrives! 😉

LazySpoon Utensil says:

I'd say the DT's use some kind of smell masking, but you know, that whole no nose or mouth thing.

HenryManson says:

Skytoss, seems like a "back to the old days" title, where protoss was always skytoss 😉

Bakti Yudha Suryana says:

This was pretty much the definition of 'Winning the battles, but not the war' for Harstem. Also, I noticed that whenever mass carriers vs mass tempests happened, it's always the carriers' side that lost. Or at least, the ones that I watched ended that way.

Tusksplitter says:

btw Lowko,,I loved your advice on starting a stream,,try it before you buy it,,was what I took away from your advice,,thx

Tusksplitter says:

sky tosss,deathball,is my only game,,if I can live 10-15 mins,,lol,,not jk btw

stalwart56k says:

Pretty sure the DTs on the same side just talk via telepathy as all Protoss do, and shut out the thoughts of the enemy DTs. I guess nobody sees a cloaked DT, not even his buddies. Per the Christie Golden books, in the Eon of Strife, when Protoss tribes fought each other, the young warriors had to learn to shield their thoughts from their enemies so as not to give themselves away before striking.

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