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StarCraft: World Cyber Games 2005 (National Geographic documentary)

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The World Cyber Games 2005 was hosted in the repressive state of Singapore, at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 16 November to 20 November 2005. There were over 800 players from 67 countries. Over 39,000 spectators turned up at the games to cheer for the players. The grand prize for the game is US$435,000.

This documentary focuses much on XellOs.

Name: XellOs – 서지훈 Seo Ji Hoon
Main Race: (T)Terran
Team: CJ Entus, Air Force ACE (current)
Birth Date: 1985-02-09
AKAs: XellOs[yG]
Nickname(s): The Perfect Terran, DDR Terran (“Masturbate” Terran)

Trivia: XellOs was also known as the “DDR Terran”. When GO was visited, written on a whiteboard was the comment “If XellOs refrains from DDR, he wins OSL.” While foreigners may interpret the acronym DDR as the famous game Dance Dance Revolution, Koreans also use DDR when referring to masturbation or “Ddal Ddal Re.” When GoRush commented that the progamer he respects the most is XellOs due to his “night work,” XellOs was sealed as the DDR Terran.

1st 2005 WCG Progamer Seed Selection
3rd 2005 EVER OnGameNet StarLeague
3rd 2004-2005 You Are the Golf King MBCGame StarLeague
1st 2004 WCG 2004
3rd 2004 WCG Korea Team Selection
1st 2003 3rd OnGameNet Challenge League
1st 2003 CJ G.O. Broadcasting All-Star Match
1st 2003 Olympus OnGameNet Starleague
1st 2002 2nd OnGameNet Challenge League
1st 2002 1st PgR21.com Tournament

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Bryan Anthony Quispe Rodríguez says:

No hay en español?

mxblue says:

After all these years and revisiting this video, the best part is still 18:14 when he hits the car.

VeroMithril says:

Ex parallel tho, but I was there

DrRyan says:

And today the year 2018!
>Serral wins WCS Global Finals as the first foreigner ever in StarCraft History!

Alucard Brian says:

the birthplace of eSports

JeyJeyJ Jung says:

2018 still here <3

Asian saiyan says:



Sarah saebz says:

those computers are so old. how old was this story?

CognacLover BW says:

After this documentary it was downfall of XellOS, he never reached those heights again. I wonder if those brain X-Ray tests affected his brain cells which affected his gameplay.

Luis Alberto González José says:

Laughing at the animations of NatGeo 1:20

Pragmatic Gaming says:

Bro the scene at 8:57 had me dead 😂😂😂😂😂 This nigga wearin a navy outfit like a legit military Commander. Then when he cries all the girls go crazy!

😂😂😂 Planet Earth is gettin interesting as fuck these days lol

MickeyToss says:

AfreecaTV StarLeague 2016 https://youtu.be/T6GxErGAXtg?t=10m15s (ASL 2016, Season 1, Ro.16, DAY 1)

Update 2016-12-07: StarCraft BroodWar Progaming is back in South Korea!!! (After a 3-year hiatus!)
Official YouTube Live-Streams with English commentary, twice a week!

Michael Tri says:

What are they fucking stupid? we already saw your face, don't even bother trying to hide it, you're already recorded! xD

William says:

FlasH is better 🙁

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