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Tekken Tag Tournament OST: Hwoarang

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Track 7 out of 33 of the Tekken Tag Tournament Direct Audio.

Enjoy the Theme!


Clone Stormtrooper says:

Jin vs Hwoarang, when Jin used the Mishima style Karate.

kmeishart101 says:

"I told you don't run away, I said don't run, I gave you my life…"

I assume Baek is the one saying this to Hwoarang.

Stewart Lynch says:

This kind of video game music is what might have influenced such synthpop acts as Daft Punk.

Kamen Rider Warrior says:

This is always my favorite theme

Frost Beam says:

I keep hearing. I just wont run away. And no matter what. I'll Give you light!

Frenk says:

I always felt this was a better fit for Heihachi than Whoarang

Madfella Duke says:

I never knew how to say his fuckin name so me and my cousins just called him boomerang

Doglover says:

Yup, this sounds very “trance”-like. Music genres, I mean. It sounds similar to the music genre trance. Goa trance, no. Psy-trance, too slow. But somewhat. Kind of chill goa trance, slow goa trance I would say. Techno also, I feel. Yeah, techno is kind of slow, I guess.

James McElroy says:

this is the only ps2 track that was better than the arcade version

Mvgic Don says:

This is my Online Lobby music. Where you, pick ranked or player match. Shit hypes me up

Fern From Lake Ave says:

To me this song reminds me of a cloudy overcast day in the late 90s.

Frost Beam says:

I keep hearing "I just wont run away. no matter what. I'll give you light"

Courtney O says:

I just won't run away
I need a break
I give you mine

Patrick Star says:

0:34 I know why you here

MegaGamez52 says:

all tekken tag tournament songs are the best out of all tekken games

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