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Trying to FIX 2x Faulty Apple iPhone 6S purchased on eBay

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Hi, this ‘trying to fix’ video shows me attempting to fix 2 faulty iPhone 6S that I purchased on eBay for £105 and £55.
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks Vince.


DogDays Of Life says:

Great video. Really like trying to figure things out with u as u move through each issue. Unique channel and well put together videos! Keep It Up Bud!

GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods says:

Great job Vince =D Amazing luck with the PIN number there to unlock lol

Mario Walker says:

Give away to me please

Savage Kid says:

I love these videos

BUSTED 121 says:


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Max Pain says:

Good video.The missing screw would not surprise me if that happened at one of their genius bars.Have seen way more shotty repair jobs come out of the genius bar than proper ones.Apple is a nightmare in itself.Android all day long.

Chandle r says:

That special little tool is called a “razor blade” works just fine.

thekingofgames 56 says:

You can make it so you can type to Siri

Noah Ortiz says:

you should do more of these

Milan Schröter says:

You won’t be able to swap the homebutton, because the Touch ID is bound to the logicboard😕

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