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Two new Xbox consoles at E3 2019?

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Will Microsoft announce two different models of the Xbox 2 at their event? Hopefully we also get a release date for the new Xbox.

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gamingfadyeHD bacho says:

This youtuber has 500k subs
Looks like he has 15mil

pewdie pie says:

how much will it be under 300dollars??

lil Bleach says:

That's that bull imma have to buy the more expensive one just cause my internet is bad dame man

Vienna The Grill says:

Crazy that Microsoft started this gen as the most anti consumer company and has ended it and rebirthed itself as the most consumerist place to game

NaruToast says:

will the xbox die soon because I dont want it to

Christian Iwuagwu says:


Agc Bad says:

I swear they look soooooo weird

Tate Homerstone says:

Xbox shampoo is real


Playstation fan here…

R3DD says:

Your extra hand movements are unnecessary

Chaosmite says:

Project Scarlet = Next generation Xbox
Anaconda = More powerful Xbox Scarlet
Lockhart = Less powerful Xbox Scarlet

Nalla Nosnarb says:

This is kind of old news isn’t it?…I mean we all knew about two systems…unless they reveal the boxes…its all kind’a noise

CoolChicken_1213 says:

Watch as they add windows to the Xbox

T CREED says:

Na ps5 be way better 100 percent …

wow says:

Microsoft has to add a disc drive, some people don’t feel like waiting forever just to download a game especially people with bad internet or no internet at all. Also digital games aren’t as satisfying, you don’t get a physical disc and case. C’mon taking off the plastic wrap of a new game is always decent. I’m assuming there will be people moving over to PlayStation if this happens.

Phoenix 7 says:

They still have not fix the software its laggy.

ChandlerCutthroat says:

Late 2021 I’ll get a new console, always like to wait and see what’s gonna be the wave🤷🏼‍♂️

Earl W says:

Microsoft needs to come out guns blazing so to speak at E3 as they actually lost this last generation to Sony because of the lack of exclusive titles for their consoles , Anaconda should be a major game changer next gen as I am sure Microsoft does not want to repeat the mistakes they made in the past . They will have tons of quality exclusive titles when launch comes for both new consoles plus they will not end support for the X or the S . I expect a new Forza Motorsport 8 at launch for next gen .

WitherFallGaming 8 says:

Xbox = best console

Jaid6n says:

I want bully 2 e3

Nier says:

they just released the discless model.
Can't wait for the internet-less model and xbox360games-less model at E3!

KillerKlous says:

The 4th Xbox gonna be called Xbox 2? Lol

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