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Watch the New Developer Content Update Preview

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The World of Warcraft development team is hard at work on the next content update for Battle for Azeroth. Join game director Ion Hazzikostas for a first look at what’s in store for Battle for Azeroth and what’s next for WoW Classic!
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Troy Cole says:

His hand movements frustrated me :/

MTG studio says:

Looks epic! Thank u blizzard came back after break during mop expa and started in wod and since then I love it what ur doing! Plz keep up the good work and thank u

bsimonsf says:

Omg yas 😮😮😮 …but I have a hand injury so if you could delay this a month or two that'd be great 🧙‍♂️

The Wavy Wun says:

Wasn’t bad, still not enough to make me resub but least thier trying, I just know most of this content will be repetitive and dull

A Person on Youtube says:

Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been restored
this is the only important part everything else in this video is irrelevant

ItsNeath says:

Not gonna lie, If we Kill N'zoth straight off the bat rather than getting an old god expansion I'm probably gonna be quite annoyed xD

Adams Corner says:

just drop random loot upgrades full stop! no bonus ilvl, no socket chance, and dont even think of random bonus effects! I want to feel that i can earn something. an obtainable goal without luck but rewarded from skill.

Pavi says:

Oh wow a completely unshackled fully released old god working at absolute maximum potential, cant wait to afk it in raid finder thanks

Mackenzie Reeves says:

Wait a minute……… This is all good stuff……. What's the catch?
squints at Ion

Simon Rivest says:

More wow classic

LieroFjeld says:

Wow has becommed incredible lame, so lame

eid allumlum says:

get ready for 9k quest as battle

Joe says:

So retails new storyline is the same as Ghostbusters?

Nabu says:

lmao this is terrible

Dr Boom says:

This is revealed before Blizzcon?? Does that mean we'll get the next expansion revealed at Blizzcon??? That can't be, a new expansion AND Diablo 4? Are my hopes too high? I don't care because now I'm hyped.

Disgodly says:

What if Ion acted like he was corrupted by N'Zoth? That'd be pretty dope. ARG please.

Seagull says:

This all sounds amazing!

raquetty says:

They're saving the patch teaser for Blizzcon, the Dev content update preview always came out once the trailer was launched xD.

Reeven says:

8:43 Beavers are agents of the Old Gods confirmed!

cracklingice says:

Sweet. Now when dirtbags undercut by 25% for a few singles, you're not as likely to sell your stack of 2 or 3 flasks for a more reasonable price.

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