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WCG 2007 Grand Final Day 1 Warcraft 3 Group – Tod vs Moon

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Tod vs Moon! (High Quality!)


jatr_swiftie 27 says:

This epic battle 😎😎

k0rzza says:

Who is here from WARCRAFT III: REFORGED ANNOUNCE?! I'm so excited that i actually cried and remembered my childhood

Ninja Turtle says:

Moon, the 5th race. NE is the stupidest race ever. Blizz never balanced the game.

SRbSLadoLed95 says:

Wish we could turn back time to the good old days… 🙁

Kevin says:

Oh man, these casters have never played wc3 have they?

Alex anon says:

This commentator is terrible. "Gonna do everything he can to save that footman" footman gets denied. "Archmage almost level 4" has only 25% of level experience at 3.

kaffesahne says:

20:30 a close shot of all the audience of 8

Лёша Павлинов says:

They look so exhausted :/

조양제 says:

Moon은 이때도 못했구나

Gabriel Cárdenas García says:

Y pensar que todo comenzo por esto y SC

Floorix says:

Moon = next level night elf player !

Abhishek pandey says:

Tod outplayed moon here. He's quite a strategist

Kevin Spies says:

lol djwheat had no idea what he was talking about

Christopher Matos says:

Human gay style ever!

Rocket Scientist says:

Wish we have epic rts titles like this one today.

오징어덮밥굿 says:

와 토드 진짜 특이하게 하네 처음에 개말리길래 질 줄 알았는데

Szaka Laka says:

20:24 😀

skunktheshrink says:

These US commentators are all over the place.

Matt Meatball Mitrione says:

There's 1 commentator who is a complete moron..pretty sure we all know who it is.

Steven Bonnell says:

I wish I was a Dryad

J.M. Iceking says:

Moon: "I must no lose! Or mother kill me! Must fookus!"

Cristopher Ramos says:

Replay dowlong?

Trooperos90 says:

thats why i stopped playing w3 ( im ne)

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