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WoW Classic Plus Versus The Burning Crusade

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With the success of classic, people are already speculating what’s in store next for the World of Warcraft. In this video I describe both routes in a nutshell, and give some analysis on what route Blizzard may go down.

Azshara Crater footage by Hayven Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b90UD4YUigU

Denofgeek interview: https://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/blizzard/281116/world-of-warcraft-classic-preview-impressions
Gamereactor interview: https://www.gamereactor.eu/world-of-warcraft-classic-our-view-from-the-summit/

If you have any suggestions, requests, or just general feedback let me know in the comments or with a message. I try my best to answer or at least read as many as I can.

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PoE Lioneye’s Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5-1iV27kik
Waltz for the Moon remake by Enrico Deiana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJXIpt089v8
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MadSeasonShow says:

Been seeing lots of discussion about this recently. Thought I would share my 2 cents! Catch me live at https://www.twitch.tv/madseasonshow

Henri Leppihalme says:

In my opinion, Classic+ is the obvious choice for Blizzard. Surely a TBC reboot would be fantastic… but then you face the same problem in about two years.

If Jagex had followed OldSchool Runescape up with a 2008 version of the game, then 2009 and so on, the current "OSRS" would be a 2013 version. What they instesd have done with the game is fantastic. Instead of having to choose between visiting a nostalgic, classic MMO and a fresh game that is ever evolving, I think the players have got the best of both worlds.

Blizzard could potentially extend the lifespan of World of Warcraft by a decade if they do this right. Re-releasing past expansions would eventually lead to the… less favoured ones, which the majority of Classic players never liked when the expansions were current and certainly won't like this time around either.

However, like MadSeason said, it's ultimately a very risky move. There are endless possibilities to ruin the whole thing. But at it's best, it's a chance for Blizzard to "redeem" themselves, correct the mistakes they have done with developing the game over time and ensure that WoW will continue to be THE MMO in the future as well.

Hernan EcchiKun says:

for real who the fucks wants a private server of just classic ? once you do everything there's nothing else to do, whoever wants to be stuck forever in classic just doesn't know what they want, the only choice that it's not absurd is finishing the content that they couldn't at the time and for obvious reasons they couldn't implement to the game now since it was already taking another direction than what was originally planned

Jeremy Dudley says:

Are you affiliated with asfund ( name within reason ) the streamer.

mahmood keshtkar says:

Classic +!!

dwt says:

Not all who are playing Classic WoW will continue with TBC. But I think they will stick around for Classic Plus.

Lirdawg says:

Level 60 cap with classic+ (add all raids, zone, and arena) to keep gear relavent, and just increase the difficulty of the newer 60 raids to reflect better gear drops.

Dusty Isaacs says:

You seem to be negative in this video dont keep this vibe

Tres Loco says:

You guys be sure you sing the Chinese national anthem tonight or you're band.

Also better not buy anything from Hong Kong or you're band.

Theodor Voss says:

The peak of wow Dreanor right right

Rachael says:

I too feel a need to replay FFVII at least once a year…. damn that game was good…

Chris C says:

I hated TBC but I wouldn't mind it being rereleased, I just hope that they dont force my character onto a TBC server and maybe allow for a carbon copy or transfer or some such. So if I want to stay on classic or play both. And you just mentioned my plan nvm lol.

Fritz Bli says:

Loved the last comment! 😀

alper halit says:

Classic + its a good idea just make Test Servers for Streamers and others ,like Beta.. and lets see

Tony Montana says:

if classic plus doesnt do well, it will be ignored lol. they wont put resources into creating new content if for classic if that have two versions of wow (classic and BFA) that are both doing poorly.
classic so far imo, has killed retail wow. i havnt logged on retail since release and my entire friends list minus 1-2 out of 50+ are ALL on classic not BFA.
me personally, i dont want to see classic+ at all… why would anyone trust blizzard to creat new content that is good? if they could still create new content thats good, why is BFA so terrible? TBC or bust

Sugar Spice says:

Stop at BC or im done with Wow.

Vincent Veloz says:

Seeing as WotLK was supposed to be the end of the story, and if I remember correctly, that is what was planned, I think that it would be really neat to see the progression: Classic->TBC->WotLK->WotLK+. This would allow for the story to play out properly, and then allow for all of the missed/skipped content to be incorporated in a way that doesnt crap on the game like cata+ did. I would love to see all of the mentioned areas in the video along with all the other zones that were never fleshed out Things like the gate to Uldum in Tanaris – A proper exploration of the story line that begins in Uldaman, the various zones in Eastern kingdoms that were never filled out, and an entire alt-dimension to explore and resolve within the Emerald Dream. In my opinion, WoW was supposed to be a 3rd person perspective of the Warcraft RTS – I want to see that story properly explored, not just whatever they feel like coming up with this month, as has been going on with retail since Cata.

Cody Samm says:

I would much prefer classic+

But between assets already being made for BC and it being the peak of sales/subscriptions the decision from blizzard is going to be obvious


Let's be real here, Classic WILL die eventually. Everything ends, it's just a matter of how long it'll last. Retail has the advantage of being able to constantly evolve. People will be content with Classic up to phase 6. Whatever Blizzard decides to do after Phase 6 will be a contentious decision which WILL split the playerbase. Whether they move on to releasing TBC/WotLK or try to do a Classic+, I can guarantee you, the playerbase will be split on it. So enjoy Classic as it is now, because there's a shit flying towards a fan and it's gonna hit it about 2 years from now after P6 is released.

Sit Tee says:

Wow is great when you have a high pop, evenly balanced server. You can argue almost any feature in wow is bad when those two needs aren't being met.

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